Novovstroy in installments

Rubric: useful | Date: 2013-03-25

Hello, dear readers of real estate blog.  Today it is popular very popular in new buildings. First of all, this is a good solid real estate. Rarely anyone will exchange modern housing with their layout for Khrushchev or Stalin. In addition, now developers offer free layout only with load -bearing walls.  The owner himself blinds what needs. .At the same time, the destruction of walls and global alterations can be avoided.

Well, in the second – a real chance to get a decent installment plan. No need to be confused with a loan. Although, in essence, this is an interest -free loan without hidden bets and deception. Everything is honest and transparent.  Of course, there is also a preferential mortgage, but the crazy interests are accrued on it, individual banks accrue it.  Well, or foggy conditions. You need to buy a house at the boiler level and play Russian roulette. And then, maybe the developer will not happen until the building is erected in full. It’s easier to find a house ready or close to commissioning. Further, I recommend that you agree with the developer himself. He can offer tempting options so that he does not have to overpay in the apartment in three roads.

installment plan can be without a margin. Just have to pay money for drawing up an agreement.  The main condition is the application of the lion’s share from the total price of the apartment.   Sometimes, developers agree to half when installing up to a year.

The interest rate is symbolic and with a two -year installment plan. But, money again should be made in size from 50%.

For 12 months, you can get an installment plan with a certain percentage, provided that the starting contribution is less than half of the total price, but not less than a third. Although, in each contract, the developer can voice his share and the amount of the contribution with meager installments.

installment plan up to 36 also sometimes happens. But, then the interest is large and plus everything, the amount can start only C50 percentage.

In general, when planning the purchase of an apartment by installments, it is better to have half the funds already.  At the same time, you should calculate your expenses for the next two years. This is a mandatory need not to be left without a penny and without the ability to make contributions. Then the conditions will be acceptable and you do not need to worry about large ravines. And housing should be found without intermediaries. Then saving on the face.