The zero construction cycle is one of the most time -intensive processes

The zero construction cycle is the initial stage of the construction of any object. The cost of such preparatory work reaches 5-15% of the total construction cost. The main stage in the construction of the building includes work on the removal of soil, digging pits and trenches for communications, waterproofing devices. If there are buildings on the site, work may be required to demolish buildings.

Zero cycle is one of the most time -consuming processes that is impossible without the use of powerful modern mechanisms. Prior to the start of land, the territory is fenced, putting in order of the terrain, leveling the surface. Different models of JCB excavators-loaders are used to align the surface. This is followed by work on digging a pit. They are preceded by geodetic works aimed at analysis of the soil, calculation of the necessary depth of the foundation is carried out.

Foundations for any modern buildings have significant depth and cool slopes. Performing such a pit to perform such a pit with the help of a modern excavator model. One of these mechanisms is the Volvo EW 180B excavator, the mass of which is 19.8 tons. Similar parameters of the excavator JCB JS 220. A spacious bucket of technology, the capacity of which exceeds 1 cubic meter. m, allows you to quickly perform your part of the work. The bottom of the dug pits is cleaned using excavators of loaders from Caterpillar or JCB.

All the soil extracted from the pit must be taken to special training grounds. Most rational to do this with modern dump trucks. The KAMAZ 6520 dump truck is characterized by increased cross -country ability and large body capacity, reaching twenty tons. Loading the developed soil into the body of the dump truck is most conveniently carried out by the frontal loaders Terex 860, JCB 4CX or JCB 3 CX. It is more profitable to engage in the trenches of waterproofing and communicating communications using less powerful models: D-159 or D-230.

It is important to maintain the upper soil layer for future landscaping of the territory. This allows you to save a significant amount and relieve the need to import a fertile layer of soil from the side.

In general, a zero work cycle is a huge set of interactions that requires an exclusively professional approach and the presence of modern technology samples. Only experienced specialists can entrust the implementation of all work. The slightest mistakes and miscalculations can cause the most serious consequences.

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