Piece parquet

Parquet floors have become known in Russia since the 19th century. Piece parquet is the most expensive and strong flooring. He is not only beautiful, but also durable (repair methods: grinding and cycling). Parquet is divided into qualities: hardness, degree of linear expansion, type of sawing, thickness of the planks. Experts say that the best parquet is a solid parquet with a small linear expansion.

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The most solid is the oak, it is taken as the standard of hardness. The softest wood in spruce and pine. By type of saw, parquet is divided into two categories: radial and tangential type. Radial cut when a cut section is made along the radius. The wood fibers of such a saw are located longitudinally, which increases the properties of strength and moisture resistance. Tangential sawing, cheaper and economical, is used on the remaining parts of the tree from the radial sawing. Has a clearly selected pattern. But due to the specifics of the tree used, the places of branches, soggy are visible on the dies. These are low density places that can be deformed. Parquet variety depends completely on the appearance and quality of the coating. Variety * select * The best has a radial cut, drawing and tonality of the dies are the same. Variety * natures * – second grade parquet. Combines both types of cuts, different in the drawing, but in one tone. Variety * Rustik * – third grade. It collected simultaneously: different cut, heterogeneous tonality and dissimilarity of the drawing.