Curtains or blinds, what to choose?

About 15 years ago in our country, they didn’t even think about it. Before on the windows there were only curtains and curtains. And who would think that it could be different. In the modern world, we are offered such a large choice not only for the design of window openings, but also for protection from the sun.

Let’s talk about blinds. First, horizontal blinds were produced. They were expensive and used in the design of offices. Nowadays, the difference in price between curtains and blinds is practically not visible, so they began to use them everywhere. Now in stores and manufacturers there are a huge selection for every taste, so what to choose: rolls, blinds, rolled or fabric curtains, 3d curtains?

Each choice for the installation of window openings differs from others. If horizontal blinds sometimes spoil with careless bending, then for vertical roll -storm or blinds – this is not scary. And cleaning the blinds is not as difficult as washing curtains. Blinds perfectly maintain natural ventilation, but the curtains protect the room from prying eyes.

Consider only some options

Fabric blinds. Curtains collect a lot of dust on the surface, and they look a little old -fashioned! When updating the interior of a house or apartment, you can give it a more interesting, modern and stylish look. Vertical blinds made of fabric will perfectly replace ordinary curtains. And besides, their material is processed with a special non -combustible and dusting impregnation, which does not lose these properties after wet processing. For their manufacture, materials such as jacquard, polyester, natural cotton, etc. are used. For the manufacture of fabric blinds, high -quality fabric, a variety of patterns and shades is used, which will give coziness to the apartment. Regulate natural light allows the device of multifunctional control. Standard blind width is 89 mm.

Rolled curtains are also a type of fabric blinds, but they have a direct canvas, which will protect the entire room if necessary from light. But what a variety of these curtains are we offered! Photo asles give a special style to the room. 3D effect on tissues, such as chiffon, atlas, organza, gabardin, visually expand the room and give a unique color.

Roman curtains fit perfectly into any interior, they are multifunctional, and are installed not only on the windows, but also on the ceiling and walls.

And yet, some people prefer ordinary curtains and tulle. It seems more comfortable for them. The fabric can be draped, hidden heating pipes. In addition, such a variety of fabrics and options! Here who likes what!

Of course, for the interior of the house to be unusual and beautiful, you only need a little imagination! And whether to resort to the help of professional consultants is a personal matter for everyone.