Curtains or blinds?

From time immemorial, people have been trying to hide from prying eyes. At different times, different objects of shutters, curtains, curtains were used for this … The shutters, in addition to their direct function, also carried a protective. They protected at home from the penetration of thieves.

Nowadays, shutters are not so popular. They were replaced by special glasses and systems. And the curtains gradually go into the background, and displace their blinds. Blinds today are popular not only in offices and industrial buildings, but also in apartments and houses. And all because the blinds have a great advantage, unlike curtains.

As a rule, curtains are used to protect against drafts, sun, curious eyes … In addition, curtains are an integral part of the interior. With the help of curtains, you can even visually expand the room.

But unfortunately, the curtains have a number of disadvantages. Curtains are sewn from fabric, but no matter how strong the material may be worn out over time. In addition, curtains, unlike blinds, vacuumers and simply cannot tolerate ultraviolet radiation.

Constantly washed the curtains, the process is not from the lungs first to remove them, hang on the rope after washing (and some canvases are quite impressive), stroke and return them to place. Agree, the prospect is not very? And besides, from constant washing, the curtains lose their appearance. Moreover, many fabrics are poorly protected from the sun.

But the blinds, by virtue of their design, are able to freely pass fresh air, and prevent the sun from wake us in the morning. Blinds are very popular in all countries and every year it only grows. Progress does not stand still and therefore, during its existence, the blinds underwent many changes both in the material and in the appearance.

Today the market is simply overwhelmed by various types of blinds, which will allow you to choose them for any room. Various materials are used for production: metal, plastic, wood, bamboo, fabric … You can purchase blinds in the online store at the link /jaluzi-kharkov.

Let’s note the positive aspects of the blinds.

– No need to remove during cleaning. Blinds are wiped with a damp cloth in place.

– Practically do not accumulate dust.

– Do not be afraid of ultraviolet radiation.

– Unlike curtains, they are more wear -resistant, durable and durable.

– Dislike for installation and dismantling.

– Blinds can be mounted at any height.

– Blinds can be entered in almost any interior.

– Well, of course, they protect against prying eyes.

As for the material for the nursery, bedrooms, the living room, fabric blinds of warmer and calm tones are suitable. But for the kitchen, it is best to choose plastic, as it is more resistant to water.