Primary real estate market in Greece: advantages of buying

Real estate in Greece is attractive for purchasing permanent housing, using it as a means of investing, or doing business. In any option, you need to make the right choice, using the services of specialists who know the market well. The Avezor Greece agency offers its capabilities in this regard.

Features of the activity

The company operates in the primary real estate market, that is, it sells properties that are still under construction or ready to move in. Any buyer will be the first owner with all the ensuing benefits.

Residential or office real estate objects of modern projects are offered for sale, taking into account all the achievements and technologies in the field of construction and design. It is suggested to look at the catalog of residential complexes in Athens to choose the right option in the capital of Greece.

For independent selection, on the company’s website you can specify the following parameters of the property you are interested in:

  1. Region of the country where it is intended to purchase real estate.
  2. Indicate the name of the city and its district, if there are specific intentions to purchase real estate, there is certain information about living conditions.
  3. Select an object that is under construction, or decide on a ready-made option.
  4. Specify the cost range per square meter.

Any real estate option that is presented in the catalog has a full description, its area, number and type of rooms are indicated, a floor plan is given, if necessary, with a floor breakdown. There are photographs of the facades and interiors of finished properties, all other parameters of the property are indicated, allowing you to get a complete picture.


By purchasing apartments from developers at the construction stage through the Avezor Greece agency, you can pay in installments for four years, which, considering the cost, is a profitable investment. It is worth knowing that residential and office space in Greece are in significant demand; investments in real estate are reliable and can bring profit.

The down payment is relatively low, which allows you to profitably purchase the property and make a justified investment. The agency offers assistance in preparing documents and supporting the transaction at all stages. For foreign investors, video tours of the properties are provided so that they can get a comprehensive impression and make an informed choice. The database contains an extensive list of objects by area and cost.