Primary real estate market in Dubai: advantages of buying and useful tips

One of the most important advantages of purchasing primary real estate in Dubai is the opportunity to purchase apartments directly from developers during the construction phase. This provides significant benefits to buyers. Firstly, the cost of such objects is lower compared to ready-made apartments. By investing in real estate at the construction stage, you can save a lot, and after completion of construction you can get a property whose value will increase significantly. However, before buy apartments in Dubai, you need to familiarize yourself with the real estate market and, if necessary, get help from experienced realtors.

What can you get by buying real estate on the primary market?

Developers in Dubai offer flexible payment terms, including installments up to 4 years. Thanks to this, buyers can plan their financial flows and distribute expenses over a longer period. Installment plans make the purchase of real estate more affordable and less burdensome on the budget, which is especially important for those who purchase housing for living or investment. Modern residential complexes in Dubai are offered with their own rich infrastructure, with landscaped recreation areas, children’s playgrounds, 24-hour video surveillance, etc.

Another significant advantage is the low down payment that Dubai developers often offer. In some cases, it can be as little as 5-10% of the total value of the property. This makes the purchase accessible to a wider range of potential buyers, including young professionals and families looking to own their own home.

Help with paperwork

The process of buying property in Dubai is quite complex, especially for foreign buyers who are not familiar with local laws and procedures. Many developers provide comprehensive assistance in preparing all the necessary documents:

  • legal support;
  • assistance in obtaining mortgage loans;
  • consultations on tax issues.

This makes the purchasing process transparent and less stressful. For potential buyers located outside the UAE, developers offer video tours of real estate properties. This is a convenient tool that allows you to get acquainted with your future apartment without leaving your country. Video tours provide an opportunity to view the layout, design and location of a property in detail, which helps you make an informed purchasing decision.