Real estate scandal in the center of Dnepropetrovsk

After the city authorities recognize the house of emergency, fires began to flare up directly near it, and also cut off the summarized gas. In the central part of Dnepropetrovsk, another housing scandal began to flare up – first of all, we are talking about residents who live along Barrikadaya Street 3.

In the central part of the city there is a hasty eviction of residents of the 12th quarter. On the territory of the Grandmother’s District Council, they declare that this building is emergency, and this is done exclusively for residents of houses. At the same time, local residents are in a hurry to declare: there are completely no cracks in the house, and the locals suggest intrigues from the authorities regarding the land of residents regarding the land, which is a tidbit for many potential buyers for many potential buyers.

Rumors go about the fact that it is at this place that it is supposed to conduct business construction.

People talk about the danger of living in the house, and such information was provided to them absolutely by chance. People do not get tired of complaining – officials set out the goal in the literal sense to simply evict them. Local utilities completely turned off the house from gas. The tenants of this house themselves want to be evicted, but at the same time they hope that they will be given an equivalent for the cost of housing. Representatives of the authorities continue to argue that there is no commercial interest in this land plot, this happened immediately after the financial crisis of 2008. Now the complaints of the residents of this house are directly engaged in representatives of the city prosecutor’s office. After a detailed study of the problems of this issue, the final decision will be made.

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