Fairytale village house

Each person is characterized by a certain time is in calm and peacefulness, harmony with the world around him.

Most often, such a place is a country house in which you can move away from the bustle of modern life and enjoy the beauty of the surrounding nature, but at the same time is in accessibility to the city line. The owners of such an unusual fairy -tale house managed to materialize their desires, creating a unique and bewitching beautiful world, the world of a fairy tale.

Owners can be proud of their own suburban housing, despite the fact that initially the house was supposed to be slightly larger in size. The couple turned to the popular architect Peter Bow, working in TKP Architects, who managed to create a village fairy -tale house. Note that the construction of country houses is one of its main directions.

The small house looks very nice, harmoniously fit into the surrounding landscape. Despite the unusual appearance, the internal space is made in a traditional style with some original details. The inside of the fairy -tale house consists of only one large room, an area of ​​46 square meters, as well as a sleeping room located in the attic. Due to the limited free square meters from the traditional execution of the stairs, I had to refuse almost immediately. In order to rise to the second floor, it is necessary to demonstrate maximum dexterity when climbing the Jefferson stairs.

The fireplace in the house gives the entire interior coziness and warmth. When decorating the internal space, a large number of natural materials and elements borrowed from nature were used. All these moments contribute to the formation of integrity with the surrounding nature. From the windows of the house, a fantastically beautiful view of the natural landscape opens from the house.