With whom to wear “peasant” blouses

Summer is not in vain the long -awaited season. The fair sex is especially happy with the onset of the hot days of the fair, to whom it is during this period that nothing interferes with the demonstration of all the charms of their figure with the help of their summer wardrobe. Many ladies with the approach of summer days strive to purchase the most fashionable things in the upcoming season in order to be in trend. It is nice that recently feminine things have come into fashion again – more and more often modern girls and women prefer not to trousers, as it was before, but to dresses, skirts and blouses.

With whom to wear &Laquo; peasant&Raquo; Blouse

If we talk about the most fashionable blouses recently, then it is worth saying about models made in the so -called village, or peasant, style. Thanks to them, each fashionista will be able to make an excellent summer ensemble, especially if she knows how to wear such models correctly. Let’s dwell on this in more detail.

“Peasant” blouses can easily be called universal models of women’s clothing. They can be worn every day, you can also go for a walk or meeting with friends. Such blouses are ideal for creating an ensemble for rest in nature or outside.

The next undoubted advantage of the village blouse is their free and slightly fitted cut, thanks to which they will sit perfectly both on model young ladies and women with lush forms. A little shade will visually make the figure of even full ladies close to the ideal, which cannot but rejoice.

With what stylists recommend combining blouses made in a rustic style? Given the fact that such products do not fit the figure much, tight things will look good with them, for example, narrow jeans or shorts. Of course, narrow trousers or even leggings can only be recommended to those ladies whose legs have impeccable shapes.

With whom to wear &Laquo; peasant&Raquo; Blouse

If your legs do not have model parameters, then do not despair. In your case, you can try to make a set of “peasant” blouses and jeans of a straight cut.

Thinking over your image, focus not only on sophistication, but also on comfort, and do not forget about the right choice of appropriate shoes. If we talk about sets of clothing in which there is a “peasant” blouse, then it is advisable to give preference to a tankette or leather or suede sandals with a fringe that are currently relevant now on shoes. Also with such a blouse, such fashionable ballet shoes have been good at a good thing. Do not limit yourself to one pair of shoes. To that, and a rural style blouse can also be purchased at once at once – this will always look in a new way and create original summer ensembles.

If for some reason you want to hide the lower part of your figure, then the stylists advise you to purchase for yourself a “peasant” blouse with a bright and large print, which will attract the attention of others.

When choosing a ruler in a rustic style, be sure to pay attention to the material from which it is made. Of course, the most pleasant to the body and comfortable for hot days are models made of natural fabrics, such as cotton or linen. But when purchasing such a product, remember that it is more suitable for daytime events, especially if it is a short sleeve blouse.

With whom to wear &Laquo; peasant&Raquo; Blouse

For evening walks or meetings with friends, you can recommend blouses with long sleeves, sewn from more expensive materials with a slight content of synthetics. Summer evenings look great for village blouses, opening one shoulder. It will be better if such a blouse is intercepted in the area of ​​your waist with a small and fashionable strap and supplemented with suitable accessories.

Any ensemble with a peasant style blouse will not be considered completely harmonious if it is not completed by the original clutch or corresponding to the handbag. At the same time, it is advisable to avoid the sensation of the “overload” of the ensemble, which is possible. To prevent this from happening, act on the following principle – if your blouse has a bright or large pattern, decorated with embroidery, beads or sequins, then shoes and bag must be plain and do not have large decor elements.