Since the beginning of the year, a rise in price of the main building materials has occurred by 13%

According to Vesco Construction, most of the main building materials have risen in price by 13 or more percent of the year. The peak of this rise in price came in August, in the future the decline in activity in the building materials market associated with seasonality is predicted.

With the beginning of spring to the first frosts, the construction season traditionally lasts, and the activity of the construction of low -rise buildings has been significantly reduced since November, deep vibrators are used much less often. Of course, this trend affects the price of building materials.

According to Vesco Construction, in 2012. The first jump in prices fell at the beginning of spring. The cost of building materials was unchanged back in February, and in early March, their average rise in price reached 2.6%. In August, the greatest rise in the cost of building materials (3.6%) was observed, and the average increase in prices since the beginning of the year was 13.4%.

The largest increase in cost was noted in double bricks, which has rise in price on average from the beginning of the year by 30 %, implemented at a price of 18.92 per 1 pcs. A tangible increase in value was also noted in full -shaped brick, which has been increasing by approximately 19.2%, now its cost is 12.22 rubles. for 1 pc.

Ceramic blocks (by 8.9%), cement (by 17.7%), concrete (by 7.7%), wood (by 8%) have risen significantly less. The reinforcement demonstrated the lowest increase in cost, having rise in price by 2.2 %.