Stunning design – floors with 3D effect

Recently, a wide variety of flooring has been developed in the construction industry. Some of them serve to improve some characteristics (thermal insulation and sound insulation, for example), others more perform a decorative function. But the bulk floor with the effect of a three -dimensional image, perhaps, incorporated both functions. 3D floor is a good sound absorber, retains heat in the room, but, most importantly, it creates an unforgettable interior design.

The original drawings or fragments of photo printing in the technique of a three-dimensional image will help you arrange any of the rooms in your apartment (from the bathroom to the bedroom) amazingly in a new way, original and original and original.

Paul with 3D effect will create in the room the illusion of the presence of “living” nature (dolphin emerging from sea foam, brisk fish under your feet, etc.P.). The design using volumetric geometric elements will turn the room into an abstraction of the vocal. Any, even the most incredible vision of the world can be embodied in the design of three -dimensional bulk floors. And now you are already sitting in a chair on the shore of an exotic island in the middle of the ocean, or maybe on the edge of the abyss or on an air cloud ..

In general, what kind of picture will be under your feet depends only on your imagination.