With your own hands

This article is dedicated to the topic – a log house from the beam with your own hands. What do you think is easier to build walls from a log log or from a bar? Walls of the house, a bathhouse from a beam is much easier to build. When working with a log log cabin, it is necessary to adjust logs in accordance with their diameter, and it will also be necessary to protrude a gutter. Working with a bar, you will not do such procedures.

Bars are of various sizes, basically they differ in the height of the section. How the compounds of the log house are made in the corners? The corner compound can be performed either by an undertaking on the veneer or in front. In addition to a conventional beam, a profiled beam and a calibrated round are used. Profiled timber very professionally and efficiently manufactured, in the section – a rectangle. In the profiled timber, 2 chamfers are located on top, from below-the 2nd mustache, due to this location during assembly works, it provides that the mustache “embrace” the chamfers and block the contacting planes.

We will find out if there are any advantages of using the beam. The walls erected from the beam practically do not settle – this is the first advantage of the beam. The second positive side of the beam – you can make the finish immediately after the frame of the future structure has been built.

There are, of course, shortcomings in the construction work with the beam. The lack of only one is the only thing – its essence is that vertical grooves can disperse when a tree has dryed out.

When the walls are erected from the profiled beam, the walls should be compacted due to the porous gasket and fastened with the dangers.

Shrub from a beam with your own hands, photo, video:

If you have a desire and free time, then you can do absolutely all the construction work yourself. For a more detailed familiarization with technologies, you can watch videos of videos, which are a lot on the Internet.