Voltage regulator

Sudden drives of electricity can cause a breakdown of most electrical equipment in the house. The reason can also be too strong voltage, above 240V, or too low, below 190V. In order to prevent a breakdown of equipment, it is necessary to install a voltage stabilizer. It can be installed in any room, it is almost never superfluous. The exception is the absence of electrical devices or the possibility of independent voltage regulation. When conducting repair and construction work in the country, do not forget to install a new voltage stabilizer.

The stabilizer is a device that is externally connected to the power source, and the stable voltage equal to 220V, which is necessary for the normal operation of electrical devices. If the voltage jumps that the stabilizer cannot cope are too sharp, it turns off the electrical appliances. When the voltage returns to normal, the stabilizer will connect devices.

There are several types of stabilizers:

– Relay stabilizers are domestic

– Service -wheel drive household stabilizers

– Electronic household stabilizers

– Ferro -north household stabilizers

– with latitudinal modulation.

The most common is the servo -drive household stabilizer.