The most expensive balconies in the world have become known

It is no secret that housing prices are a sick theme for most Russian citizens. And the cost of renting housing is a topic, perhaps even more sick, especially for those Russians who are forced to rent real estate in Moscow. Sometimes even the rental of the room is in a way. – I wonder how much a balcony can cost in Moscow? – involuntarily thinks, losing over the next score, the tenant. – Probably, in Moscow and the balconies are the most expensive?

As experts found out, the most expensive balconies are still not in the Russian capital. For very rare exceptions, such as renting balconies with a view of Bolotnaya Square during mass protests, it is generally not customary to rent balconies in Moscow in Moscow. Unlike, say, a balcony in the city of Verona. Renting for several hours of this most ordinary balcony can cost 1 thousand euros. Well, the city council of Verona, for sure, has more than once had to say “many thanks” to Shakespeare. For it is the “Juliet Balcony”, more precisely, the balcony that tourists are shown as the Juliet balcony, is the most expensive balcony in the world, even ahead of the balcony, from which you can admire the Grand Prix of Monaco. But real estate prices in this principality are much higher and Italian and Moscow.

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