Stalin will become more accessible?

According to real estate market experts, over the past few years there has been a tendency to reduce the value of residential real estate objects built during the USSR, and among the people known as Stalinka.The main feature of such objects is that they are rapidly losing in price. All this happens against the backdrop of a decreasing interest in housing, this is typical for the residential real estate market, due to seasonal phenomena. Nevertheless, a drop in prices in the case of Stalin is more pronounced in nature. But, with this tendency, the cost of square meters in Stalinks continues to be inaccessible to most of our compatriots. In the presence of certain financial resources, the domestic buyer will discard the option of Khrushchevo housing in favor of the same stalinum. This is due to the first yield with the fact that the housing of the Stalin era is distinguished by its durability, used by high-quality materials, excellent characteristics of heat and sound insulation. Even modern new buildings in some cases cannot boast of such magnificent characteristics, not to mention the Khrushchevs.