Steel roof

Despite the fact that even the old tiles look much better than any other roofing materials, many homeowners prefer to lay a steel galvanized roof on the roof. It costs somewhat cheaper, but the choice of material is very small. Everything ranges in about one price category.

Unless several of her subspecies can be distinguished:

– actually galvanized steel roof. They have a light steel color and serves about 25-30 years. Every two to three years it must be covered with special paint, resistant to atmospheric phenomena. You need to do it twice. The paint should be oil.

– Black steel roof. It is not as stable as galvanized, and serves up to about 20 years. Immediately after laying, it must be primed twice (waiting for the complete drying of both layers separately), and the omenses are painted twice by any oil paint, resistant to the manifestation of atmospheric phenomena. Should also be painted twice.

The fewer gaps you leave, the less water will penetrate your house at every show. Also try to pour all dubious areas on the roof in advance with black bitumen mastic in advance. Because, bitumen mastic is the perfect “patch” for any roof. Pay special attention to the slope of the attic. It is there that water is most often accumulated with rain.