The content of the estimate

An estimate is a document that contains data on the cost of work and materials, as well as including any other costs that may be needed during construction or repair. Although estimates can be compiled not only for these purposes, but also used in all areas of human activity, where it is necessary to calculate and assess the cost of certain actions. It can be both in the form of simple calculations and to be part of a whole package of design estimates.

Estimates can be the following types: local estimate, object estimate (object), consolidated estimated calculation and a summary of costs. These are the main types of estimated documents, in practice there are significantly larger. Depending on the customer for which the estimate is developed, or the organization in which it is necessary to provide estimated documentation, the estimates of the calculation method can be different and the methods are used differently, using specific rules and forms or in free form.

At its core, the estimate is a financial document, which is mandatory approved and agreed with the customer. It can also be used in court during the proceedings of disputed situations between customers and contractors.

To compile an estimate, despite the apparent lightness, it is necessary to possess a number of knowledge in different fields. The necessary knowledge includes: the concept of pricing, rationing in the estimated field, various technologies of construction, installation, repair, commissioning, an idea of ​​the necessary maintenance and types of equipment used for various works, easy orientation in design documentation and knowledge in the field engineering surveys. Here you can also add orientation in the field of use of innovative technologies, both in the construction and installation sphere and in other directions.