Rent an apartment for rent

Category: useful, directory of the builder | Date: 2013-02-16

Hello, dear readers. Probably, many of us at least once in our lives were looking for an apartment for a few days or for a long time. Definitely, the goal was to find offers from the owners. It makes no sense to pay a commission to the agency. This turned into hundreds of wasted hours and the desire to quit everything and find an intermediary in such a period returned with double force. The topic of lease without a commission has been and will always be.  Even renting an apartment in St. Petersburg on its own forces – this is a huge work. Although, while there are sites such as Piter.STAY24, it will choose what to choose. Need patience and time. But, there is hopelessness. Then, huge advantages of intermediaries:

Search for apartments according to given criteria for all databases without the participation of the customer

New data is received regularly and there is a chance that the owners of the apartment themselves will call the agency

All documents are checked by the owner and the transaction is carried out under strict control

a full -fledged lease agreement is necessarily concluded, which describes all financial nuances

There is no reason to worry about rental tariffs and utilities. The broker will find out in advance and even agree on a compromise.

The prospect of run into scammers meager. A solid agency checks all applications on its channels

nerves are not spent on an adulconductive search. And this is more expensive than any money

There is a negative side from mediation. After all, to give a solid amount – this does not mean that everything will go smoothly. there may be exceptions of all the rules. But, this is more often more due to the fact that the broker does not belong to any of the agencies, but works for itself.