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Fertilizers for cucumbers

How to fertilize cucumbers, so that they delight us not only with their taste, but also by appearance? Any gardener or summer resident at least once in his life asked a similar question. Nowadays, there are a lot of different fertilizers, and very often you can simply “get lost” in them and buy not at all what was originally required.

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Many gardeners are wondering how cucumbers will react if you apply any fertilizers or top dressing to them?

In order for cucumbers to grow faster and begin to bear fruit as soon as possible, the soil should be well seasoned with organic fertilizers, since cucumbers acquire many different nutrients from it. From the moment when cucumbers begin to bloom and until the formation of ovaries in plants acquire up to 20% of the total number of nutrients, and most of them (70%) are spent in the period when the plants begin to bear fruit. Especially well cucumbers react to mineral nutrition, which should enter through the leaves (non -rustic top dressing). It is better to use this type of top dressing after prolonged cold.

Than and how to fertilize cucumbers in a greenhouse

Any gardener tries to attach all his strength in order to eventually get an excellent crop at the end of the season. To increase the volume of vegetables grown, it is better to have a greenhouse in your household. With proper handling of cucumbers in the greenhouse, their crop will be 30-40%than on open land.

If you want to get as much harvest as possible, growing vegetables in a greenhouse, you need to use it exactly greenhouse top dressing correctly. An important rule when using top dressing of cucumbers grown in a greenhouse – do not get involved in the use of organic fertilizers, you need to use their moderate portions, because the cucumber in everything loves the measure.

The roots of cucumbers are very weak, so they cannot penetrate the ground to a depth of more than 20 cm. Therefore, all soil properties are very important for plants. The best fertilizers are manure, rotten garbage, straw, sawdust or peat. Compost must be provided with nitrogen. Fertilizers should be made locally. In addition, mineral fertilizers should also be used to cucumbers growing in a greenhouse.

During the season, greenhouse cucumbers should be fed no more than five times. The first time it is necessary to use top dressing when cucumbers begin to bloom. The remaining four times top dressing should be carried out during fruiting. For this, gardeners use mullein or chicken droppings. However, if there is no way to use natural fertilizers, they can be replaced with ready -made top dressing, such as “ideal”, “fertility”. “Breadwinner” and others.

The following moment should be taken into account: sand soil will require nitrogen fertilizers, and floodplain – potassium.

When the weather changes, and warming occurs instead of cooling, cucumbers growing in a greenhouse will certainly need a feeding in the form of an ammonia nitrate. Should be fed like this: fertilizer must be sealed into a furrow. After this procedure, the furrow must be watered.

So that the roots of the plants do not lose their properties during the cold, cucumbers should be fed with fuel -nigging way using ammonium nitrate.

Than and how to fertilize cucumbers when landing

Cucumbers should be planted shallow in the ground, as a result of which the plant cannot absorb most of the necessary substances from the soil. Before planting vegetables, the soil of the Earth should be fenced abundantly with compost. For cucumbers, you can use both natural fertilizers and purchased. If you choose manure as a fertilizer, then it should be used 6-8 kg per 1 sq.m, mixing with 1 glass of ash. If you prefer humus, then it should be made 4-5 kg ​​to the same area. You can also use peat, which has already decomposed, in the amount of 8-10 kg per 1 sq.m. The choice of fertilizer depends on the time of year. So, for example, manure should be brought into the ground in the fall, when they produce a piece. In turn, humus is used immediately before planting seedlings or vegetable seeds. If the amount of humus in the soil is sufficient, do not forget to feed the cucumbers with potassium or phosphorus fertilizer. Per 1 sq.m will require half a glass of potassium salt mixed with 1/3 cup of superphosphate or 1 cup of ash.