Soltaan Bathaiee – how not to exhibit toxic behavior

We encounter toxic behavior in various aspects of life – in romantic relationships, at work, during meetings with friends, at family gatherings, etc.

It can be described as a set of actions of a particular person that makes others feel uncomfortable. Rudeness, disdain, or tactless remarks are clear examples of the situation presented. You can view on examples of toxic behavior on in a convenient mode at any time of the day.

A personality that is prone to toxic effects manifests itself in various forms. Everyone has bad days, bad moods, and everyone can say something insensitive or cruel. However, if there is a pattern in behavior that makes him feel bad, you can always try to correct the situation.

Lies, accusations and criticism as a manifestation of toxicity

We all lie from time to time. You can lie to avoid conflict, or because you didn’t want to go into a long explanation, or didn’t want to upset someone. Most of the lies are insignificant. However, there are times when lying can hurt people. If you are pursuing ulterior motives, or trying to manipulate the other into acting and feeling a certain way, or lying becomes a habit, these types have no place in a healthy, strong, and respectful relationship. Lies tend to accumulate, confuse and most of them are revealed. The person who has been lied to can never truly trust you again. Hidden deception can hurt much more than the original lie itself.

Blaming is one common example of a toxic condition. We can often encounter this at work, especially in offices on the part of the manager. Whenever something goes wrong, we tend to look for someone to blame. Nobody wants to admit that they made a mistake by instinctively trying to find a scapegoat. Criticism is another example that we often encounter in the work environment. Constructive criticism contributes to the professional growth of the individual. Feedback is important. Without it, it is impossible to learn and develop your skills. There is a fine line between helpful and harmful recall that must be considered in order to avoid toxicity. If necessary, you should seek the help of psychologists and get rid of such situations.