The latest residential complex is built in Priozersk

As part of the international investment forum in St. Petersburg, an agreement was considered and signed to design a new residential complex in Priozersk. The development company Leveridge was involved in working on this project by the famous architectural workshop named after. Tsecho. The Finnish company T-Architex is a project contractor.

The project will be implemented on a area with a total area of ​​4685 m2, and the implemented area of ​​built -in apartments and premises (taking into account all loggias and balconies) is 4500 m2.

The construction of a brick-monolithic complex, designed for 70 apartments, is planned at the intersection of ul. Krasnoarmeyskaya and st. Mayakovsky, near the station. 2-room apartments (with an area of ​​55-65 m2) will amount to 50% of all apartments of the house, 1-room (35-45 m2)-35%, and 3-room apartments (75-90 m2) will be about 15%.

The house, named Kyakisalmi in honor of the ancient Karelsky name of Priozersk, will have 5-6 floors in height, while the 1st floor will be completely given to built-in commercial premises. The start of this construction is scheduled for 2013., And they want to complete the project in early 2015. This project will also appear on sale in 2013., apartments will be sold in accordance with the scheme of the housing cooperative.

Often during construction you have to move large goods. For these purposes, you can use a scissor lift or hydraulic lift. If the height is small or medium, then you can apply a lifting table. Low energy consumption of the hydraulic system is one of the advantages of this type of device for vertical movement of goods.