Pickwall putty

Drywall is often used to decorate walls, ceiling or arch. The surface of the drywall, ultimately, is painted, but before painting, the mounted drywall must be trapped. Moreover, first, a layer of starting putty is applied, the thickness of which is 5 mm, and then a layer of finish putty 3 mm thick. The joints of the sheets, the angles of the plasterboard structure and the fastening of the screws are especially thoroughly putty.

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Putty drywall on the purified surface puts on. Mud and dust should be removed. Putty compounds with a spatula or a spray gun at a temperature above 0 degrees are applied. At first deep irregularities are put off, and then the entire surface is vulgarized. The putty of the corners can be done with an angular spatula.

The last step in putty is to grind the surface of the drywall. This is usually done manually with a grinding grater. This is a grid stretched on a special plate and having a handle. In circular motions using such a tool, it is possible to grind drywall carefully enough.

The number of putty for a specific volume of work can be found on the packaging of putty material or consult with the seller.