Seized solution of suburban construction

Diluting the grasping solution with water or adding is not allowed. Store a solution of additives only in glass or metal containers. The solution is dangerous for the eyes and corrodes the skin. In places of work, there should be a tank with clean water and a neutralizing single percent solution of acetic acid or a semi -percent solution of carbon dioxide for first aid to the victim. In construction, you may need high -quality fast -harding cement to order which you can here: fast -hardening cement.

The addition of chlorine iron (1.6%) in combination with chloride calcium (0.8% of the weight of cement) is dissolved in water, on which a cement mortar is shut up, which is used similarly to the prepared milk milk.

Thorcretic-stirring on a concrete or stone surface of structures is applied using compressed air with a pressure of 2-3.5 ati. Cement-gun, compressor, water tank, air cleaner and nozzle with nozzles and hoses are part of the installation for the production of torque-stucco.

The cement-gun S-465 has a productivity for a dry mix of 1-1.5 m3/min with air consumption up to 5 m3/min. The power of the pneumatic engine of the cement gun 2 liters. C, its weight 970 kg.

Dry mixture of air pressure is supplied along the hose to the snot, there is wetted and fed to .an isolated surface from the nozzle tip at a speed of 135-170 m/s.

The first and last layer of the torge is 5-6 mm, and the second and third 8-10 mm. The subsequent layers are applied after setting the solution of the previous layer, purging air and washing. Three layers of torque-stiring 25-30 mm thick-reliable waterproofing. In conditions of operation, plaster for separation, it is reinforced with a mesh attached to the structure; In this case, the torque is called ironort.

The captured solution