Sylphone compensator

The sylphon compensator has very small sizes mounted in any convenient place of the pipeline. It is not necessary to equip a special room for its installation, in addition, it does not require absolutely no care or service throughout the entire operational period. The sylphon compensator is able to work exactly as much as the system of the pipeline itself. The company “Pltekhkomfort” offers high -quality bathroom furniture at a low price.

This compensator is designed to protect the pipeline from a sharp pressure drops, which can protect the entire water supply system from a hydraulic jacket or severe vibration, which can also lead to damage to the system.

In order to make a sylphon compensator, exclusively high -quality steel is used, which can withstand temperature differences from zero to a thousand degrees for a long time for a long time. The pressure that the compensator is able to withstand can be equated to one hundred atmospheres.

The modification of the bellows compensator may vary depending on which exactly the purpose will be used for this or that model. The only unchanged part is the bell tower, which is a corrugated shell made of metal, which can expand or narrow depending on what pressure on it is.