Warm floors system – floor heating and coziness indoors

Every modern person is demanding on comfort and comfort in his house. This can be achieved, especially in the winter season, using heating. Thanks to this, good health is achieved, and so that there is always good health, it is necessary that the temperature of the floor is 23*C, and at a head level of at least 18*C. Scientists conducted research and found that it is the warm floor that creates the optimal heat distribution, which is close to the ideal.

The “warm floors” system have many advantages, for example, the lack of dust in the air, which can occur during central heating – this is favorable for people suffering from allergies and bronchial asthma. The effect of self -regulation – the energy that is given to the floor depends on the difference in air temperature in the room and the temperature of the warm floor, due to solar radiation, this difference decreases several times and this leads to a decrease in heat transfer.

A warm floor is of two types: water and electric. The main elements of the electric floor are a heating cable and a controlled thermostat. This system can be laid directly under the tile or laminate. The water version of the floor heating has a special energy source – this is a heated coolant. This is water, which gives heat, passing through pipes laid under parquet or floorboards. Witex Color Color laminate is perfect for styling on the “warm floor” system.

The underfloor heating system is quickly mounted and includes different components of an economical installation. This system works great in the autumn-spring period. In winter, when the air temperature drops below zero, such floors will also heat the floor, but you need to take care in advance about the insulation of the house. But this is not enough and additional radiator heating is used as additional heating.